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My name is Sheree, thank you for being with me and welcome to my sacred space.

I walk my path as a mama of two, Shamanic energy medicine practitioner, writer, womb witch, seer, pregnancy and birth doula and women's circle facilitator. 


Since childhood I have been someone who desires to connect with what is real and wild, beyond the surface, beyond the veils of everyday perception, to the depths of truth and of magick and to the deep, subtle, whispers of knowing within. I have devoted my entire life to exploration of self, deep healing and remembering my own power, sovereignty and unique magick. And here, I share with you, and offer you beautiful soul, my transmissions, my presence and my love in this sacred container that is Falcon Spirit Medicine. 


Throughout my journey, I have learnt many lessons, but none more powerful than the truth that we are not separate from our soul- that healing at a soul level, addresses the root cause of blockages and pain. 


As a woman, witch, mother and birth keeper, I am deeply passionate about and specialise in womb healing and activation, fertility, pregnancy, birth-healing, post-partum, sensual embodiment and healthy sexuality. 


This container holds the medicine of the Falcon (my first ever power animal on my shamanic path). This medicine is not for everyone. It requires deep self-responsibility, self-enquiry and a willingness to see, own, love and integrate all parts of ourselves to become whole. It is not a quick fix, and it is not always blissful and beautiful. But those who are called, remember who they really are. 


I am your guide back home to who you really are, beyond the wounding, stories, doubts. Using integrative shamanic energy medicine, embodiment tools and intuitive soul-coaching, I guide you back to embodied wholeness, integrating all aspects of self to create grounded solidarity within, awakening and activating empowerment, self-love and self trust. 

With love,

Sheree xo

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