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Women's Sacred Ceremonial Healing Massage

I honour myself as sacred

may each choice on my path

be in devotion

to the goddess within.


A deep, 2 hour, embodied, ceremonial healing experience, reconnecting you to your beautiful body-temple. The sacred home of your spirit. 

This deliciously feminine, ancient Hawaiian intuitive healing massage, unblocks emotions from the living tissues, clears meridian lines, aids lymphatic drainage, physical and energetic detoxification.

This is a safe and sacred space where all parts of you are welcome and honoured, as you allow yourself to simply receive and be honoured as the goddess that you are. 

Includes ceremonial magic, 90mins of sacred Hawaiian healing bodywork & sound healing medicine. 

In-person, Pacific Pines, Gold Coast.

"I would like to thank Sheree from the bottom of my heart for her exquisite personalised touch, her incredible healing medicine and her extremely dedicated offering of love that I felt I was given so sweetly and freely."

"Deep heartfelt gratitude to this magical medicine woman. Your connection with spirit and ability to hold space and care for me is divine."

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