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Deep Shamanic Recalibration

You've outgrown the old stories

The growing pains are real as skins shed

But what is more painful

Is to go against your soul

Beckoning you 

To step through the gateway

Back to your sacred truth.


We are more than our bodies, more than our minds. We are multidimensional, layered, soulful beings.

Shamanic Healing addresses all of these interconnected aspects of ourselves and the root causes of disruption, emotional blockages, disconnection and pain.

It is the sacred art of moving between the seen and the unseen realms. In safe and sacred space, guided by our helping spirits, ancestors and the wisdom of the soul, to reclaim lost parts of self. Parts of ourselves fragmented due to trauma, grief, inner child wounding, relationships or life disruptions.

My approach to shamanic healing is both deeply spiritual, ineffable, ceremonial and magickal as well as grounded, practical and embodied. I endeavour to empower my clients to reclaim their wholeness, sovereignty and self-responsibility.

Each individually tailored shamanic healing may include some of the following:
Drumming, rattling, sound healing
Shamanic trance, journeying to discover and shift root blockages
Extraction work
Soul retrieval
Energetic cord removal
Power Animal Retrieval
Shamanic chakra balancing and Illumination
Psychopomp (passing over of earth-bound spirits)
Past life work
Ancestral healing
Inner child work
Destiny retrieval
Womb healing
Receiving shamanic rites
Decoupling of the stress response
Embodiment practice
Coaching & guidance

This work is an invitation for those who are ready to go deep. Ready to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, to own and integrate all aspects of themselves and return to wholeness and therefore, reclaiming power, aliveness and self-love.

With unconditional love, safety and guidance, you will have the opportunity to be witnessed in your truth and full expression. All of you is welcome in my space beautiful soul.
I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.

These in-depth sessions can be done either in-person on the Gold Coast, or via Zoom (which is equally as powerful).

Sessions are approximately 2.5-3 hours, include a consultation, energy medicine and journeywork, a debrief with guidance and an integration email.

It is recommended to have a follow-up session 2-3 months after your initial session.


(We can still work together if booking times available do not fit with your time-zone- please contact me for alternative time arrangements.)

With love,
Sheree Bliss Tilsley xo

“I have been seeing Sheree for some time now and I have to say- I have never received a Shamanic healing as in depth and accurate as Sheree's. You can feel her heart a mile away before you even enter her space. She is always loving, kind, generous with her time, advice and care, and I always feel so loved and held by her. I have grown so much since seeing Sheree and have felt like she has been in my corner, always gently guiding me to step into my power and shine my light. I am so grateful to have this beautiful woman in my life to lean on. Thank you.”


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