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Shamanic Space & Land Clearing

There is no separation

between the physical world

and spirit world,

the seen and the unseen realms.

All is connected.


Your home, office or property should feel like a sanctuary. Space clearing is perfect if something feels off or you or your family are experiencing disturbances. It is beautiful also if you would like to start afresh at a new property or come into deeper relationship with, and honour the land where you reside. 

This in-depth, shamanic approach to space and land clearing is custom tailored to your needs, taking into account also the needs and wishes of the land, ancestors of the land, nature spirits and elementals. This is much deeper than simply smudging.

The land, building itself, and items within the building are all addressed as well as the layout and flow of energy within the space.

May involve entity removal or crossing-over of earthbound spirits if required.

Shamanic space and land clearing can be done in-person or via distance. Each session includes a consultation, in-depth clearing work, a debrief and email report with guidance.


Time required and energy exchange varies for in-person space clearing.

“I cannot describe how I feel expect Sheree, you do beautiful work. I thank you and my family thanks you for everything you did for us. I hope more people ask for your help as I know you make what can seem the impossible, possible. You changed our lives. I’m honoured you got to meet my beautiful son's spirit and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for him.

You are such a beautiful person with a heart of gold and such a friendly, bubbly, positive person.

You manage to step into someone’s home and they instantly feel safe and warmth.”


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